Medical Services During Detox

At Rocky Mountain Detox, we view recovery as both an emotional and medical journey. It is essential to have a staff of experienced professionals working alongside each patient so that complete health and sobriety are addressed. Here are more details regarding our medical services during detox in Lakewood.

Dual Diagnosis Detox

Many clients that we treat receive a dual-diagnosis upon admission. This means that they are living with addiction problems and other types of behavioral health situations. These may include issues like anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. Without medical services during detox in Denver, these conditions may be pushed to the side. The root of the problem may never be addressed. Even though some of these symptoms are brought on by drug or alcohol abuse, it is essential to keep a watchful eye over patients at all times. Having licensed medical professionals available provides peace of mind to clients and their families. In extreme cases, problems that arise will be handled swiftly and effectively.

Medical & Psychiatric Evaluation During Detox

At Rocky Mountain Detox, every client receives both a medical and psychiatric evaluation at the start of our program. After completion of these evaluations, a trusted staff member assesses each client and recommends the best course of action. No two clients are ever the same, so it is vital to take a unique approach to each case.

Each week, every patient meets with someone on our medical team. We pay extra attention to the medications prescribed, and we carefully monitor patients. If any kind of medical crisis arises during treatment, we have trained professionals ready to address all client needs.

Getting Through Detox

Drug withdrawal during detox can be the most challenging part of treatment. When a person’s body rids itself of foreign substances, an individual may suffer discomfort and face dangerous medical side effects. Under the supervision of our medical professionals, we make sure that this process is completed in a safe and comfortable manner. We help to manage symptoms of withdrawal and any complications that arise.

After the detox process, we work to establish a willingness for future treatment. Detox is just the beginning of a sober life. It is vital to promote continued treatment so that there is the highest likelihood of sustained recovery.

Medical Staff

We take pride in employing a trained and compassionate staff of physicians.


  • Medical evaluations are used to uncover a patient’s overall health and medical history.
  • Psychiatric evaluations are performed to uncover underlying conditions that may affect treatment.

Medical Appointments

  • Upon admission, each patient visits with a member of our medical staff.
  • If necessary, a client can make arrangements to visit a doctor on another occasion so that questions and concerns are addressed.
  • Since emergencies can strike at any moment, medical professionals are available 24/7.

Medications During Treatment for Addiction

  • Our medical staff monitors all prescriptions and medications throughout the entire time that a patient is part of our program.
  • No controlled substances are prescribed after patients are discharged.

If you are interested in visiting our facility or want more information about Rocky Mountain Detox, do not hesitate to call us and review the above details.

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