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Treating drug addiction is further complicated when those addicted to drugs or alcohol simultaneously battling a mental health disorder. A dual diagnosis often requires specialized dual diagnosis rehab and treatment.

What is Dual Diagnosis Rehab in Colorado?

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health revealed that in 2018 over nine million American adults suffered from both mental illness and drug or alcohol abuse. [1]

The use of dual diagnosis treatment in Lakewood, Colorado, is an effective method for those experiencing a mental health disorder and a drug or alcohol addiction. These two conditions had always been addressed separately until innovative dual diagnosis rehab professionals began recognizing the connection between substance abuse and depression, anxiety, and other mental and behavioral disorders.

Until fairly recently, the failure to make this connection resulted in neither condition adequately treated. About half of people who have a mental disorder are also dealing with a substance abuse problem. [2] Today, Rocky Mountain Detox offers proven dual diagnosis treatment options from an impressive team of dedicated health care professionals specializing in dual diagnosis rehab techniques and methods.

Identifying Symptoms of Dual Diagnosis

Symptoms pf a drug addiction that required rehab or treatment can be challenging to identify without the help of health care professionals.

However, there are common signs and symptoms to look for if you suspect that you or someone you know is suffering from a drug addiction:

  • High tolerance for drugs or alcohol
  • Strong need for the substance to function
  • Sudden, unexplained changes in behavior
  • Unusual, risky behaviors
  • Withdrawing from loved ones, failure to communicate

Mental health disorders can often be even harder to recognize, with a wide range of easily hidden symptoms. Among the common symptoms, someone is suffering from a mental health issue include:

  • Confusion, disorientation
  • Extreme, sudden changes in mood and behavior
  • Personal contact avoidance
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Trouble concentration

Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Rehab in Lakewood, CO

When a professional therapist at Rocky Mountain Detox creates a comprehensive plan for dual diagnosis treatment in Lakewood, Colorado, there is a much greater chance of success in both areas of concentration.

Benefits of dual diagnosis rehab treatment in Colorado at Rocky Mountain Detox include:

  • Substance abuse treatment to stop using alcohol or drugs
  • Therapy to help deal with mental health disorders
  • Certified therapist work to help the patient understand how the two conditions are connected and affect each other
  • Work together to uncover the foundation of the addiction and the causes behind the mental health disorder.
  • Coping mechanisms to help handle symptoms from mental health conditions
  • Learn ways to identify triggers associated with relapse and how to avoid them
  • Create a solid relapse prevention plan with an experienced therapist

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[1] https://www.samhsa.gov/data/sites/default/files/cbhsq-reports/NSDUHNationalFindingsReport2018/NSDUHNationalFindingsReport2018.pdf
[2] https://medlineplus.gov/dualdiagnosis.html

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