Group Therapy During Detox Treatment

There are different approaches for treating addiction. At Rocky Mountain Detox in Denver, we follow the “Therapeutic Community” model. This involves group therapy during detox. We understand the importance of having patients engage with people who are struggling with similar issues and coming together as a group to solve issues.

The Recovery Community

Recovery involves more than the person who is dealing with substance abuse. It must include support from a sober circle of friends, a sponsor, and a community that encourages sobriety. We base our group therapy around the ideas that clients lean on each other for support. To avoid feelings of negativity, each individual gets a sense that he or she is not alone in this battle. In this way, patients can process their feelings each day and gain a sense of empowerment. As a group, clients grow together throughout the journey to recovery. We implore various techniques and topics to help sustain sobriety.

At Rocky Mountain Detox, our top priority is the care of our clients. Our goal is to help each patient reach sobriety permanently. Our treatment has shown to be highly successful. Our job is to provide comfort and compassion to patients so that the recovery process goes smoothly. Our group therapy treatments are made to uplift and support clients so that sobriety is more than a dream. Here is a closer look at our services.

Daily Process Group

Each day, patients gather and participate in daily group sessions.

  • Clients meet daily and share their feelings and struggles.
  • The group listens and provides feedback, which is a critical part of the therapy.
  • Therapists offer feedback, as well. This includes useful techniques that will help a person face times of individual challenges.
  • Patients have the chance to suggest helpful ideas to other patients so that they can face and overcome similar emotions.

Education Group

Knowledge is power. Comprehending what affects the life of an individual suffering from addiction can help to avoid triggers. Understanding the community’s role in helping a person live a sober life is essential. Our education group examines a variety of topics.

  • We show videos that explain how addiction is a disease.
  • We explain how to prevent relapse.
  • The 12-step program is outlined.
  • We discuss how mental disorders affect addiction.
  • We explain how family plays a role in recovery.
  • We teach how to adjust living situations to reduce the risk of relapse during recovery.

“Staying Sober” with Terence Gorski

Key aspects of our Lakewood group therapy during detox are found in Terence Gorski’s “Staying Sober.” Gorski is recognized around the world for his knowledge and expertise in overcoming substance abuse and mental health issues. For years, he has worked with emergency professionals in a range of industries to address the needs of managing addiction. His book “Sober Living” offers a guide for relapse prevention.

At Rocky Mountain Detox, we use this book within our treatment program. It provides a written guide with tactics that help teach how to regain sobriety and to prevent future issues. Our licensed therapists use this text to prepare clients for their return to regular life without the temptation to revert to old habits.

Medical Education

We make sure to schedule regular group meetings between our patients and a member of our medical staff. This allows clients to learn the medical aspects of addiction. Topics like medications and other related disorders are discussed, as well. Clients have the opportunity to learn various parts of addiction and how they influence sobriety.

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