Aftercare Planning (After Detox Planning)

One of the most overlooked parts of addiction treatment is an aftercare plan. When a person leaves a treatment facility, it is essential to address relapse prevention. Typically following detox, a person returns to the pressures of everyday society. During detox at Rocky Mountain Detox, however, we work with each client to ensure they feel confident with aftercare planning.

After detox, it is vital to avoid triggers and temptation. Certain items that should be part of an aftercare plan may include transition to a sober living facility, continued therapy, and group meetings. When there is a solid plan in place, there is less fear and anxiety on the part of the patient.

At Rocky Mountain Detox, our top priority is caring for patients and striving to help them get sober and stay sober. We try to provide a safe and comfortable environment so that clients can relax and start on the road to recovery. Here are more details about our after detox planning in Denver.

Inpatient Services

Rocky Mountain Detox offers inpatient medical services. Patients receive safe and effective treatment from our experienced medical staff. Our physicians are available 24/7 so that emergencies are addressed quickly. We make sure that the detox process is as painless as possible. Since patients live on-site, they have access to all of the necessary resources and amenities to get back onto a sober path in a comfortable environment.

Individual Therapy

We actively participate in individual therapy with all of our patients. It is an essential part of treatment and allows our clients to discuss individual emotions and feelings that arise after detox. We employ master therapists who help each patient openly discuss his or her thoughts and develop a relapse prevention plan.

12-Step Meetings

We encourage patients to participate in 12-step meetings in our facility and after they leave. When a person is ready to begin a recovery plan, 12-step meetings will be a crucial part of treatment. Even after a person leaves an addiction recovery facility, 12-step meetings help to keep patients on a sober path. It is common to have a sponsor available to guide a person through the rough times.

Sober Living

In many instances, patients do not have safe places to reside after leaving an in-patient facility. After finishing treatment at Rocky Mountain Detox, an essential aspect of relapse prevention is entering a sober living community. A sober living home allows a person to live a normal life without the temptations or triggers that may compromise immediate recovery. Many people report that these living accommodations provide essential support to individuals who feel alone or anxious at this point of treatment.

Medical Services During Detox

Besides addiction, many of our patients are dealing with other medical conditions. Our trained medical professionals perform evaluations on every client and develop individualized plans of care. Our physicians prescribe medications and monitor these prescriptions as well. This helps to lower the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal. Through these medical services, patients are transitioned into aftercare planning and treatment. A recovering addict may continue to face struggles with triggers for substance abuse, but planning for the future will provide the cornerstone for a lifetime of sobriety.

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