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Prescription medications and illicit substances can have disastrous and troubling effects on the mind and the body. Whether your dependence began as a prescription to manage natural symptoms or whether curious experimentation has led to an unhealthy habit, there is hope.

Restoration Is Possible. Recovery Starts with Drug Rehab in Lakewood, Colorado.

It’s time to reclaim your independence from substances and rebuild a life you love. Secure your future through evidence-based treatment and effective therapies.

Facts About Harmful Substances and Substance Use Disorders

Substance addiction or substance use disorders can be a difficult challenge to navigate. Recent surveys indicate that 13% of persons over 12 have used illicit substances within the past month, and nearly 2% of them indicate non-prescribed psychotherapeutic drug use in that same timeframe.[1]

In January of 2022 alone, over 102,000 deaths were reported as drug overdoses for the twelve months prior. The number started at just under 50,000 deaths in January of 2021, doubling by the end of the 12 months.[2] The data indicates the problem of drug addiction and overdose is very real and rapidly growing.

Most Abused Substances

he National Institute on Drug Addiction (NIDA) reports a lengthy list of the most commonly abused substances ranging from nicotine, Benzos, and other Central Nervous System (CNS) Depressants, heroin, speed, and cocaine to LSD, MDMA, meth, prescription opioids, cannabinoids, mushrooms, and steroids.[3] A lot of these substances are legally obtained or even available over the counter, while others are illegally manufactured and distributed.

Identifying Substance Addiction

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders from the American Psychiatric Association is the industry standard for substance use disorder diagnosis. This body of scientific study and practice classifies substance use on three primary levels, substance use disorder, dependence, and abuse.

Abuse identifiers will vary in severity and include hazardous substance use, social or relational problems due to substance use, lack of attention or neglect of significant responsibilities due to use, and legal issues.

Dependence and substance use disorder identifiers include withdrawal symptoms, increased tolerance to the substance requiring larger doses, multiple failed attempts to quit, significant amounts of time spent taking or acquiring substances, physical and psychological consequences of regular use, and neglecting beloved hobbies in favor of using.[4]

Someone struggling with substance abuse will exhibit behaviors characterized by more than one of the abuse identifiers within a 12-month period.

Substance Use Disorder Identifiers

Dependence Identifiers

Substance Abuse Identifiers

Someone with a substance use disorder will have more than two of the SUD behaviors within a 12-month period. Someone with a substance use disorder will have more than three of the dependence behaviors within a 12-month period.

Long-Term Effects of Substance Use

There are multiple physical and psychological effects of long-term substance use. Some are mild, while others are life-threatening. The more severe consequences include heart disease, HIV or AIDS, cancer, lung disease, stroke, skin infections, and an increased risk of developing mental health challenges.

Harmful substances also negatively impact your immune system, making it increasingly difficult to recover from illness or increasing the likelihood of contracting it. If substances are used while operating machinery or while driving, this dramatically increases the risk of work-related or vehicle accidents and puts others, as well as yourself, in danger.

Make A Change Today for A Better and Safer Tomorrow.

As a premier drug rehab center in Colorado, Rocky Mountain is equipped to help you reduce or avoid the long-term effects of drug use by pursuing freedom from substances today.

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What Does Drug Rehab in Lakewood, Colorado Look Like?

Our evidence-based and medically assisted detox and rehab services allow our patients to detox in comfort and recover in peace without distractions. Our 24/7 care teams are on-site, and our facility is designed with comfort and tranquility in mind.

Drug Rehab Treatment Options

At Rocky Mountain Detox, we design custom and individualized treatment plans for every patient we treat. After a comprehensive intake assessment, each patient will begin the treatment that best suits their needs today and for life.

Inpatient Medical Detox

24/7 care and monitoring to reduce withdrawal symptoms and ensure patient comfort and safety throughout the detox process.

Inpatient Residential Treatment

Each patient will have a structured schedule as the patient lives on-site with our full-time medical and clinical staff and receives daily treatment and care.

Outpatient Drug Rehab in Colorado

Daily therapy sessions and treatment continue while the patient is free to live at home and reintegrate into their daily obligations.

Contact Rocky Mountain for Safe and Compassionate Drug Rehab In Lakewood, Colorado

We’re here to support your recovery journey and facilitate holistic healing today and for life. Call our admissions team today.






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